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Seamless Private Jet Charters

Charter your own Private jet

Whether you require a private jet charter for business or pleasure, Our expert team is on hand 24/7/365 to listen to your requirements and provide the perfect flight solution. We do understand your time is precious.

Private jet charter gives you the opportunity to travel at the times you require, to and from the most convenient airports, in control of every aspect of your trip. We can fly you directly to and from regional airports across the country – and across the globe. Experience the benefits of having your own plane, no crowds, no security lines — quite simply, a seamless process with zero hassles.

We provide on-demand air charter service around the world. Our flight teams feature highly-experienced schedulers and licensed FAA dispatchers to schedule and track all flights to provide assurance for our clients. Whether you own your own private jet and need aircraft management, or are looking to book a private jet, VJA strives to accommodate your needs.

We personalize jet aircraft management contracts to reflect your goals and place the highest priority on your preferences. Executive’s clients benefit from top-notch service from the outset, tenacious dedication to safety, a wide selection of exceptional aircraft, and decades of experience in chartering private jets for a discerning clientele.

The benefits of opting for a Part 135 private jet charter hire over a commercial airline are that you:

  • Save precious time
  • Arrive relaxed and refreshed
  • Arrive just 15 minutes before takeoff
  • Charters scheduled around your plans
  • No canceled or delayed flights
  • Work or hold meetings in-flight
  • Protected privacy
  • Avoid major airports
  • Land closer to your destination
  • We’re open 24/7/365.

The Executive Spotlight



Gulfstream GV

Featuring complete business and entertainment amenities, including complimentary Wi-Fi, this GV will deliver productivity, comfort, and luxury on your next flight.


Falcon 7X

The cabin of the Falcon 7X is very quiet and filled with natural light from 28 large windows. Everything is designed to maximize comfort, productivity and privacy.


Hawker 900XP

8 passenger jet: This 900XP offers excellent efficiency, performance and comfort. With stand-up headroom, touch-screen seat controls, fully-berthable seats and great storage options – this Hawker excels.


Gulfstream 550

18 passengers: With its large, versatile cabin – with seating for up to 18 passengers – and award-winning technology, the Gulfstream G550 is the ideal choice for private jet flights.


Citation Excel

7 passenger jet: The Citation Excel is one of the best-selling jets. This Citation has the ability to operate out of smaller airports while offering the comfort and amenities of a mid-sized jet.


Hawker 800

13 passenger jet: The Hawker 800 is one of the most popular mid-sized business aircraft among private jet customers. It’s designed to complete transcontinental and international flights.


Phenom 100

4 passenger jet: The Phenom 100 is the best-in-class for VLJs (Very Light Jets). It has the capacity for 4 passengers in its normal configuration, but can carry up to 7 plus 1 crew.


Sikorsky S-76

12 passengers: The Sikorsky S-76 has been an elegant workhorse of quiet, speed, luxury, convenience and comfort for 42 years and has a seating capacity of 12.


Challenger 605

the Challenger 605 evokes freedom, innovation and performance capabilities. It’s no wonder this $27M long-range jet is a ‘must have’ of our clients.