Find the Best Private Jet Charter Provider?

Discerning business and private travelers appreciate the privacy, convenience and time-saving, that private aviation and chartering private jets enable.

But, there’s an array of products and providers to choose from. The VjetsAviation Guide to Private Aviation will help you identify the right products for your travel needs.

By reading the Guide you’ll learn about:

  • The characteristics of each of the aviation products
  • What to consider when reviewing the products
  • Comparisons of the leading providers
  • Comparisons of costs, which start at about $3,000/hour
  • Key questions to ask the providers prior to purchase


The main products to consider are:

Fractional Ownership
You buy a share of a plane, typically sold in 1/16 increments. This equates to 50 hours of flying per year. You choose the aircraft that best fits your travel needs. There is an initial purchase, plus monthly management fees and then fees for each hour flown.

Fractional Cards
These are offered by operators that run their own fractional fleets. So there is a very consistent level of service and aircraft.

Charter Cards
May be offered by both charter brokers and charter operators. The aircraft may be a little more variable, although many companies have very exacting standards. Prices tend to be lower than for Fractional Cards.

On Demand Charter
You book an individual aircraft as you need it. So there’s a lot of flexibility and potentially a lot of variability. Rates start at about $3,000 per hour for a light jet.


There are many reasons to use private jets and private aviation. The reasons that we hear most often are:

  • Time Saving, You can arrive at the airport just minutes before your scheduled departure time, fly directly to your destination, make productive use of your time onboard, avoid overnight stays, avoid waiting in lines at the airport,
  • Privacy, it’s your plane to have open meetings and discussions, and stay out of the limelight
  • Flexibility, planes can be ready in a few hours, and can change schedules to suit you
  • Reduces Stress, no rushing to meet a fixed departure time, no hanging around in crowded airports
  • Image, a private plane projects a well run, efficient, successful individual or organization


There are many good reasons to charter private jets, but you need to do your due diligence before signing on. Here’s some questions to ask potential providers, with a much fuller set provided in the Guide to Private Aviation.

  • What is the independent safety rating on the fleet being offered?
  • What aircraft types are included in the program?
  • Are there any repositioning fees?
  • How often do the pilots receive training?
  • What is the geographic area included in this program?
  • Are there any blackout periods?

we understand that all these points are too many to consider so save yourself the hard work and get a Private jet charter quote or CALL us to ask any questions

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