How to Save Money When Chartering a Private Jet

Gulfstream private jet

The cost of chartering a private jet can vary thousands depending on a variety of different factors. Still, even the cheapest private flights are out of reach for most people. Private jet charter prices are known to be extremely costly. Being able to afford a ride on a private jet is one of the most luxurious things you can buy and is an obvious sign of success.

Even if you’re able to afford something like this, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to save money whenever you’re able to. When thinking of a private jet, most people wouldn’t think there’s any way to cut costs. However, many people who regularly charter private jets often try different ways to bring the cost down. This allows you to enjoy the treat of flying in a private jet while knowing you aren’t spending more than you have to.

It might not seem possible to save money on a private jet, but you can with just a little planning. Here are a few different ways that you can save money when chartering a private jet.

Share a flight

share private jet

Most people prefer taking private jets because it saves them from having to deal with the crowds that come with commercial flights. Flying alone is peaceful when most people find air travel to be stressful. While you might enjoy flying alone, it could be costing you. When you by yourself, you’re taking on the full cost of the flight. There’s plenty of room, so it’s wasteful not to fill it up. Many people don’t realize how dramatically this can cut the costs of flying in private jets.

If you’re able to just find one other person looking to charter a private jet that would match your flight, you’ve already cut the cost in half. With more people, the costs are split even further without making the flight feel crowded at all. Depending on where you’re flying out from, it can sometimes be hard to find someone who’s also chartering a private jet. Remembering this each time you fly can help you save thousands of dollars when you travel.

Be careful what days you choose

best days to fly

Anyone who flies regularly, whether it be private or commercial airlines, already knows that the day you schedule your flight for can have a huge difference in the price. Many people prefer to book flights for weekdays or early in the morning, when there’s less demand for flights, so the price is lower. The days of your flight in a private jet can also have different price points.

More people might be looking to fly over the weekend, which is something to keep in mind when booking flights. Another time that’s going to bring costs up is during holidays. This is the time where the demand for private jets will be at its peak. As more people are looking to charter a private jet, even one day can make a difference in price. If you aren’t on a tight schedule, try to schedule flights to get around these busy days.

Find empty leg flights

empty leg flights 

After someone has taken a flight on a private jet, the pilot still needs to take it back to the original airport. These “empty leg” flights can get commonly overlooked as a way of traveling. In an empty leg flight, the plane will be flying without any passengers, so it could be a missed opportunity. Since the plane was going to be flying anyway, you could save money compared to what a normal flight would cost.

There are some risks when taking empty leg flights. First, you’ll likely have to get them at the last minute, so you do need to have a backup plan on another flight. They could also turn out to get canceled, regardless of the plans you made with the pilot. If you aren’t in a rush and know that you can find other options if need be, this can be a great alternative to look into.

Be open to older aircrafts

Bombardier Challenger 604

When many people charter a private jet, they want to go for the newest ones possible. You might assume that the newest aircrafts are the best options, but this isn’t always true. As long as the jet is up to date, it’s perfectly fine to charter an older jet. If you’re picky about what type of jet you’ll use, you’ll only end up with fewer options. These can often turn out to be the most expensive ones. Next time you fly, be more open to chartering a different jet that might be less expensive.

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