Easily Avoidable Mistakes When Booking a Private Charter Flight

If you’re a first-time flyer when it comes to private jets, you’re probably excited to finally board one. However, you’re likely also worried that you might have missed or forgotten something. If you’re not prepared when you charter your flight, you might get a low-quality flight experience and possibly increase the risk of it not being enjoyable at all.

Make sure your private jet charter goes perfectly. Read on to learn about mistakes you can easily avoid.

Failing to Research A Charter Flight

Due to the convenience provided by applications for chartering private jets, it may seem as if all the research is being done for you. However, it’s important that you find out as much as you can about the company’s insurance policies, reputation, and possible hidden costs. If you don’t, you put yourself at risk.

Make sure the company is insured, licensed, and registered. Look for the operator’s safety ratings. A Wingman Certification, for example, is one of the most trusted indicators that an operator adheres to high standards for safety.

Not Optimizing Your Charter Flight

Don’t just pick any aircraft. Jets have different capabilities and come with different amenities. Choose an aircraft with just the right passenger capacity for your group.

If you need Wi-Fi during your flight, pick an aircraft that provides it. You may also be able to save money by not hiring personal staff on board. There’s usually a better option that an operator might not be informing you of.

Make Use of Special Offers

Most first-time fliers book flights directly through an airline’s website, causing them to miss out on offers. Ask operators about their special packages and get a cost break-up of what they include. This allows you to negotiate with the operator for a better deal.

Last Minute Booking

Last minute chartering provides you with fewer options and private operators need to check their aircrafts’ availability. Booking a flight earlier gives you more options, some of which could save you money.

Booking early is especially important for weekend flights as these tend to get sold out faster.

Unorganized Itinerary

You’ll only be able to make the most of your private jet charter if you plan ahead with an itinerary. Private jets are able to make use of shorter runways, so they have access to a lot of airstrips you’re likely not aware of.

Carefully planning your flight allows you to make use of these airstrips to land closer to your destination and save time.

Not Bringing an ID

A common mistake among first-time travelers is to not bring an ID. Proof of identity is always needed at landing. Domestic flights require a state-issued photo identification card. International flights require a passport.

Assuming Private Jets Are Highly Expensive

Chartering a private jet costs more than booking a first-class flight. However, there are ways to save money when chartering private jets. If you are traveling with a group, then the cost is split more ways, and it could even end up being lower than first-class for everyone.

Let VJets Aviation Handle Your Charter Flight

If all of the above sounds like a lot to remember, then call Vjets Aviation. We take a client-first approach to on-demand private jet charters. We’ll help you make informed decisions with each flight and find the best deals to fit your needs.

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