Top Private Jet Airports in the United States

Like any aircraft, a private jet charter needs to depart and arrive at an airport. While it’s certainly possible to access larger international hubs, the majority of private travelers—whether you’re flying for business or personal interests—prefer to fly in and out of private jet airports. There are many advantages that airports hold over larger airports, including: […]

What Are The Most Common Private Jet Charter Routes in the US?

Private air travel is more popular now than ever before due to social distancing, travel restrictions, and safety concerns. But there are a lot of reasons to travel privately even beyond what 2020 has brought – like luxury, flexibility, speed, and individualization. Beyond most people’s first question of ‘what are the benefits of private jet […]

Top 10 Private Jet Destinations In and From the U.S.

Colorado has always been one of the favorite travel destinations globally, and nothing has changed despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Two of the most popular places among visitors are Vail and Aspen. Vail is a picturesque and relaxing destination with its beautiful mountain vistas and ski resorts in winter. It’s also ideal for summer breaks, especially […]

Popular Private Jet Destinations

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